This toolkit, developed as part of the YEIP - Youth Empowerment and Innovation project, is an instrument designed for professionals working with young people,  aimed at helping them to prevent radicalization and marginalization.  The toolkit teaches professionals to use the YEIP prevent model, based on the principles of positive psychology, Good Lives Model and restorative justice.

 The online course  is for professionals who work with young carers.  The first module of the course explains what a young carer is and the skills, needs and characteristics which makes them special. Module 2 introduces the concept of entrepreneurship, a hot topic in today’s society and business. Module 3 highlights the value of non-formal education and how learning outside of the box can lead to business ideas and social impact. Lastly, module 4 provides useful information and guidelines on how to create your own business.

This online training course entitled “Empowering Professionals to work with Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) Young Carers” aims to explore the skills and competences that young BAME carers gain through their experiences of caring for family members, such as resilience, perception, empathy and problem solving. The course is designed to provide you with key tools and resources that would further help them empower young cares to transfer these skills into other key areas of their lives. The key learning objectives of the ecourse are:

 • To create knowledge and raise awareness of the needs and realities of young BAME carers in the UK and Europe.
 • To provide professionals and agencies with tools and additional resources including training guides that can be directly applied to their work with young carers.
• To practice learning with realistic case studies, establishing a sense of practical application to what has been learnt.
• To exchange best practices from across Europe.

The course aims to strengthen the skills and competences of youth professionals who are working with marginalised youth especially those who are facing exclusion and discrimination due to gender-based abuse or their cultural backgrounds..Thie course key learning objectives include to 
• Create knowledge and raise awareness of the specific needs and realities of marginalised young people who face (or are at risk of) gender based violence, abuse and discrimination (migrants, refugee women, Black minority ethnic groups). 
• Develop knowledge and awareness about user-led/youth-led models of empowerment, engagement and participation. 
 • Familiarise professionals with the concept of legal literacy as empowerment tool for prevention of discrimination including gender-based and racial discrimination.
 • Provide participants and their organisations with tools and additional resources including training guides that can be directly applied to their work with their target groups.

This training uniquely combines the first hand thoughts and experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women in the UK with information about legal and policy chances that relates to the obligations of organisations working with victims of crime. The training will help your organisation to:
  • Improve the support offered to refugee and asylum seeking women who are at risk of victimisation
  • Understand changes in EU law in regards to supporting victims means for your organisation, specifically looking at the EU Victims Directive that came into force in the UK in November 2015
  • Understand why the UK government’s response through updating the Victim’s Code doesn’t provide adequate support and protection for those at risk of victimisation
  • To find out what your organisation can do to push for refugee and asylum seeking women to get more support and protection